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Kick the ball

Geschreven doorAnouk van Pruissen

15 March 2020

How did I get to kick the ball?

Last summer I was invited to a workshop with the topic soft skills. Soft skills are not a main topic in a big IT company, so this workshop triggered me to focus again on my emotional intelligence.

I loved the workshop and at the end of the summer I decided to do something with this feeling. The feeling of showing empathy, interact with like-minded people and adressing important interhuman aspects of my work, made me make a decission.

I wanted to do something, anything to maintain this feeling. AND I wanted to to give other people also this experience.

The only way to do great work, is to love what you do

The ball was in front of me all this time. I wanted to kick it. The first kick was signing myself up with a great training to become a life design coach. (  

This experience changed my life, I learned to be creative again, I learned to trust myself again and I want to support other people in their process to be the best person they can and want to be.

This first kick, this first step, was both scary and fun. It was the best decision in a long time.

We don’t know what the future will bring us, but one thing I learned this last year. You must kick the ball, sometimes you kick it hard, sometimes not. Main thing, by kicking the ball, you go forward.

Let me support you to go forward, in your personal life, careerwise or as a team!

Let’s Kick The Ball!

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