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Building confidence


Geschreven doorAnouk van Pruissen

1 July 2020

Find your voice

Confidence. A topic I have been struggling with all of my life.
Along the way, I learned to be confident. How?

First I needed to find my voice. I searched for it for a long time and in the end my voice was there all along. Being the one who tried to find it with my eyes closed, the result was that I was the person who was standing in my own way and I silenced myself.

Being made aware of my own behaviour, I opened my eyes and used my voice.

Claim your spot

After finding my voice and looking at myself with open eyes, I saw many great things. Seeing the little things, celebrating small milestones, made my confidence grow. Surrounding myself with people who also see me for me and hear my voice, made my confidence grow with the day. On the other hand I also needed to learn to cope with people who tried to break my confidence. I learned to claim my spot.

I deserve a spot.

I have a story to tell.

Giving back

Watch this TED-talk by Brittaney Packnett. She has an excellent talk about confidence and how to build it. Brittaney tells us how we can crack the code on confidence. In her estimation, it takes at least three things: permission, community and curiosity. Permission births confidence, community nurtures it and curiosity affirms it. In education, there’s a saying, that you can’t be what you can’t see. 

Now it’s time to give back, to tell you my story and share my experiences. That’s how I can teach you to be confident and to make your own decisions in life.

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