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Geschreven doorAnouk van Pruissen

22 May 2020

Working as a nurse your main skills are your soft skills, you need to have a high level of empathy and your EQ needs to be on point. The most important lesson during my ICU training was the following: ‘Anouk look at the patient, read the patient. The monitor and all the devices, you will learn to apply them and they help you to assess your patient, but you need to see and feel your patient.’

This lesson stuck with me and will stick with me the rest of my life. Even if all details or numbers are clear and evident, look at the big picture, it can really tell you something else.


So, let’s look at the big picture of your life, you had the right education, you did everything that was expected, you should be happy, right? But you can’t help asking yourself these question: ‘Did I make the right decision? The best decision for me? Is this it? Why am I here? What am I doing?


So why #EQmaters?


Your EQ is crucial for making decisions and this decision-making-taking-process takes part in the ancient base brain. This part of the brain does not have a connection to the verbal part of the brain, so the communication is not based on words but on feelings.


We take decisions based on the memories in this part of our brain, what worked for us  in life in the past and what not? What tells our ‘gut feeling’ us?


Having a high developed EQ as a fundamental base and you combine this with your cognition, your behaviour and competency, you will have a superior performance in decision making.
That’s why EQ matters, it helps you make better decisions. Whether in the IC department or in your life-design, EQ maters.


Self-awareness, Self-management, social skills and social awareness, these are all the elements that form the basis of your life design. So coming back to the big picture of your life and you have these fundamental life questions; ask yourself if you need to boost your EQ. If the answer is yes, then boost your EQ. It helps you to make better decisions.






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