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Trust the timeline, they say

Geschreven doorAnouk van Pruissen

6 April 2020

Trust the timeline, they say

This text is written on a card and hangs in my office. This card has been my lifeline for the last 6 months. Building your own business doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. Trial and error, doubt and perseverance. Sometimes I planned and actions, but then stalled it again. This could take weeks up to the point that I though…agh just forget it.

This was also the case with my logo, it just didn’t come to me. Should I put the EQ letters or my initials? I pushed it in front of me until I got a present from a dear friend.

She gave me a gift. A small gift, but with the biggest value for me. The gift was a pin, a pin of a dragon fly. Adding this pin to my pin collection was for me already a highlight, but then she wrote this short explanation: The Dragon fly symbolises change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realisation.

And that was it, all my key values, my logo. The dragon fly. Trust the timeline, they say.

I learn every day to be patient and to trust the timeline. I am exactly where I should be today.

Are you in your own process of change or are you trying to adapt to the current situation, remember to trust the timeline, it will bring you where you should be at the right moment.

Hang in there, stay healthy #COVID-19

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